Important Disclaimer!

First, I'd like to begin with a disclaimer. My goats are not raised naturally. "What?" You say "I thought this website was all about raising goats naturally!" But, truth is, I really need to qualify that. 

It is not natural to "own" a goat in the first place. Everything that happens after that is going to be a little less, if not a lot less than natural. But, practicallynaturalnigerians, almostnaturalnigerians, and sortofnaturalnigerians, just seemed a little too long for a website name. So I offer this disclaimer with apologies for the confusion.

 I also need to add, though some of the things you'll read here, may be information I gleaned from a vet or institution of higher learning; forum or other websites, much is based on my experience only.

I am not an expert or authority on goat raising! What has worked for me may not work for everyone. What I offer here are ideas and solutions I have found to be helpful. I hope they will also be helpful to you!